Construction & Demolition Debris Removal

Construction and demolition projects often create huge, messy, heavy, and sometimes even dangerous, piles of junk that are difficult to dispose of. There’s always a deadline and budget that must be kept. Having piles of dangerous materials can end up slowing you down, costing extra money you don’t have. United Junk Removal wants to take this part out of the equation and get you closer to completing that project. It takes time and manpower sorting through the different materials and can put you behind schedule. Doing it yourself may prove challenging and costly as rules and regulations at dumps are strict, fines are high, lines are long, and time is more often than not wasted.

Dumpsters are sometimes troublesome too with cities requiring licenses and permits, people illegally dumping, restrictions on the weight and time you can use them. They also take up a lot of space in your most likely already crowded job sites. There’s a few ways to go about tackling that pile of junk and we want to make sure you chose the most effective and cost efficient option. That’s why United Junk Removal offers a simple, effective, and efficient method of getting rid of the leftover junk and getting you back to the task at hand!

Why United Junk Removal

When you choose to hire us you’re paying for, experience on job sites, crews that care about your happiness, swift response time, and professional work. Whether you’re updating the kitchen, adding a kids room, or building an office, our guys have the know-how and attitude to take care of you. We have multiple experienced crews working on a fleet of various hauling vehicles. We’ll make sure you have the right crew in the right tuck at the right time! More often than not, junk hauling companies are picky about what they take and where they operate, and whether or not the materials are mixed, with our company the more stuff you have for us the better!

Let us do all the heavy lifting! We aren’t happy if you’re getting bogged down with piles of hazardous materials and know you’re trying to meet the deadline so leave this step of the process to us.

We figure out the quickest and most efficient way to get rid of your junk without interrupting your project. Scheduling is user friendly and caters to your specific task.

  1. Call United construction debris removal dispatch with a description of what materials you will be disposing of and the best date and time that works for you.
  2. One of our experienced teams of haulers will arrive on site to provide you with a FREE estimate for your construction waste disposal.
  3. Our crew will then proceed to lift and load everything, just point out what needs to be removed and we do the rest!

We want you to focus on the renovation, not on looking for tools and manpower. 

Doesn’t matter if it’s concrete, cement, welded wire mesh, adobe, brick, sod, stone, timber, various metals, plastics, ventilation, insulation, roofing, drywall, fencing, rebar, columns, beams, sand, mixed or wet. United Junk Removal will take it all off your hands!

We want your next construction site to be organized, running ahead of schedule, and most of all junk pile free!